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I have an Etsy shop now, it has some of my uni work on it at the moment, 4 different woodcut prints that I haven't posted on Deviantart yet.

Come and browse if you want to see what I've been up to on this mega hiatus. It would be even better if you would consider buying a print. Better than that, FEEDBACK. This is my first time selling online, I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it.

Thanks for reading!

Etsy shop:…
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Rules: must post the rules 
2.each person must post five things about themselves in their journal
3.answer the questions the tagger set for you in there post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your journal 
5. go to their page and tell them you have tagged them 
6. no tag backs 
7. no stuff in the tagging section about "your tagged if your reading this " you legitimately have to tag five people

Five Things about Me:

1. My sense of humour is apparently unique.

2. I brush my fringe out of my eyes (on average) about 109754389538756485672592374078932 gazillion bajillion times a minute

3. I have small feet. REALLY small feet. Like, fall-over-all-the-time-yo-what-are-arches small feet

4. I watch people swim and enjoy themselves for a living in 42 degree heat in a totally not creepy way
5. I can't think of five things about me, but Roosterteeth is an awesome Youtube channel if you love giggles that cure cancer and curses that cause it again.

Questions asked:

1. Do you have any pets?
YES. Canaries and chooks and any stray cat that accosts me.

2. If you were a household object/appliance what would you be?
A lightswitch because everyone needs them. I could be cheesy and say they shine light on everything, but HEY LIGHTSWITCHES ARE JUST COOL ANYWAY.

3. If you could do anything you wanted and money was no object what would you do?
I would build an island out in the middle of the ocean that is actually a TARDIS.

4. Do you have any strange talents?
I have the ability to smile without showing my teeth; to make really close friends with randoms in a very short space of time; absorb information like a sponge; Muay Thai skillzzzzz

5. If you could meet any fictional character who would it be?
The DoctorSTRAIGHT OFF THE BAT. And this is any of the Doctors, in case you were wondering. They're all a brilliant Doctor.

My Questions for You!

1. Do you have a really old pencil case somewhere around? Describe it for us. Do you still use it? Would you ever again?

2. Would you like to be hugged by a malamute? Feel fee to google this. Don't worry. It's safe for work. C:

3. Would you rather be bounded to a demon or a djinn, if worst came to worst?

4. Do you have as many deviations to sieve through as I do? (I have 10 000)

5. If you found out you were related to an actor famous for his role as Sherlock Holmes, what would you do with this knowledge?












confession time
I know the first three people
I don't know ten people >_>
So I just chose the artists from the deviations I was checking out
And I'm too shy to post on their page
So I'm not going to do it


Made by :iconbasilangelofmusic: and stolen from :iconmissytastic:

Pirate Captain
[] You are the leader of your gang
[x] You love ham
[x] You have/had a pet bird
[x] You're very kind-hearted
[ ] You have a luxuriant beard
[] You're very good at getting yourself into all kinds of sticky situations
[x] You haven't achieved much in your life
[] You're seen as something of a joke amongst your peers
[] You're prone to the odd mood swing
[] You're very ambitious
Total: 5

Pirate with a Scarf
[ ] You're the second-in-command of your gang
[x] You're perhaps the most sensible member of your gang
[x] You care deeply for your friends
[x] You're very smart
[x] You're fiercely loyal to your friends
[x] You're always willing to see the best in people
[x] You're always/mostly seen wearing a scarf
[x] You're a very good friend to have
[ ] You're long-suffering
[x] You're very trustworthy
Total: 8

Albino Pirate
[] You have white or very pale skin
[] You are the youngest member of your gang
[x] You are or can be very childlike
[x] You're easily excited
[x] You're innocent, and a little bit naive
[] You tend to blurt out uncomfortable truths
[x] You'll believe just about anything you are told
[x] You are the Stan Laurel to your best friend's Oliver Hardy
[x] Your voice is very high-pitched
[x] In general, a lot of things surprise or delight you
Total: 7

Pirate with Gout
[ ] You have/had a long term illness or injury
[x] You're Irish, or at least of Irish descent.
[] You're a bit daft
[x] You enjoy dispensing wisdom, even if it's not very wise
[ ] You have a taste for all kinds of meat
[] You tend to take debates very seriously
[ ] Health isn't necessarily one of the most important things to you.
[x] You're very good-natured
[] You have been referred to as ugly
[ ] You are the Oliver Hardy to your best friend's Stan Laurel
Total: 3

Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate
[ ] You have a very curvy body
[x] You like to dress up in the opposite sex's clothing
[x] Your disguises aren't very convincing
[x] You are a tomboy
[ ] You are the most effeminate member of your gang
[ ] You own a false beard
[x] You're Scottish, or at least of Scottish descent
[x] You have/had a crush on one of your friends
[ ] You love your job very much
[ ] Nobody seems to notice anything strange about you
Total: 5

Charles Darwin
[x] You're very intelligent
[x] You're a nerd/geek
[x] You are a scientist, or at least interested in science
[x] You love to explore
[] You tend to dress your pets up in human clothing
[] You have never once been in a romantic/sexual relationship
[x] You have/had a crush on someone who is/was very unlikely to return your feelings
[ ] You will do just about anything to impress the object of your affection
[x] You can be quite pathetic at times
[] There are a lot of stuffed animals in your home
Total: 6

Queen Victoria
[ ] You hate pirates
[] You tend to get annoyed when even the slightest thing doesn't go your way
[ ] You tend to throw the odd tantrum
[x] You're very manipulative
[x] You prefer to be ladylike as much as you can
[ ] You don't really care much for animals, you just like to eat them.
[ ] You would prefer to fight using swords
[x] You're a bit crazy
[x] You're very small/short
[] You have a short temper
Total: Only 4 thank god

Black Bellamy
[ ] You're a bully
[x] You have a massive ego
[ ] You are very successful
[x] You are very popular amongst your peers
[x] You love to make a dramatic entrance
[x] You're annoyingly flash
[x] You're tend to be very cocky
[x] You are smooth
[x] You are very crafty
[ ] You enjoy putting other people down
Total: 7 - I would do anything to have Lenny Henry's voice, even if I end up being Black Bellamy and getting to talk to him all the time.

Cutlass Liz
[x] You are as deadly as you are beautiful (Vis a vis, not very)
[ ] If you could, you would run random people through without a second thought
[ ] You are something of a sex symbol
[ ] Just about everyone around you has a crush on you
[ ] You have a reputation for being murderous, or at least violent
[ ] You like to wear sultry clothing which leaves your midriff exposed
[x] You can be quite sassy
[ ] People are easily intimidated by you
[ ] You are very cold-hearted
[ ] You have no respect whatsoever for those less successful or fortunate than yourself
Total: 2

Pirate King
[ ] You have a very loud voice
[ ] You can roar loud enough to make walls shake
[ ] You are not the kind of person people want to mess with
[ ] You run a tight ship
[ ] You own a lot of expensive jewelry
[ ] You like to dress in fancy clothing
[ ] You are very strict when it comes to your rules/law
[x] You are very flamboyant
[ ] You can be quite scary when you're angry
[ ] You are very big/tall
Total: 1

TOP 3:
3. Black Bellamy (ugh)
2. Albino Pirate (derp)


I am a very happy young adult, thank you very much. Would someone verify these answers for me please? Just in case I sound like absolute tool and am actually not at all like Pirate With A Scarf?

Tagged by my litle sister

Mon Mar 4, 2013, 6:46 PM by Hardeeharhar1423:iconhardeeharhar1423:


1:What pokemon trainer is your favourite?

2: Do you like waffles?
No, I actually don't. Unless there's cottage cheese and no jam in sight, in which case they're pretty good.

3: What would your reaction be if you met Benedict Cumberbatch?
I would ask for a hug, or a photo with him, then strike up a lovely conversation, then he would propose to me on the spot and I'd say yes. Of course.

4: Brofist?

5: Which pony is best pony?
Rarity..? The one with the purple mane.

6: Favourite colour, cake and fish?
Purple, chocolate, GloFish(tm)

7: Chocolate or Fudge?
Chocolate, all the way.
:iconchocolate-plz: :iconfoshizzleplz:

8: What are you feeling towards Les Misrables?


9: Because that's what a gentleman does.

10: What is your favourite piece of my art?
It would be that sketchbook you left out in the rain last month. That was pretty arty. Or was it just forgetful?

I shan't tag anyone because no one would do it. :{D

Selfish Needs and Wants:

Sat Mar 2, 2013, 3:56 AM by Hardeeharhar1423:iconhardeeharhar1423:
I have a few. But this one I have been thinking about in particular... I want someone to draw something for me... ;_;
I'm selfish, I know. But I want a pretty little picture for an ID from someone else. I should commission someone, but I don't have the points to afford them. :iconpapcryplz:

My Ego: :iconmingplz: FEED ME :iconlokigrinplz: :iconfabulousplz:

Ignore it, geez. :iconimthinkingplz:

I kind of hate the Harem Shake Movement, but this is worth it. xD…

I wish I had the motivation to enter ;_;


Not as impressive as :iconpastelgomi: or :iconnight-owl101: BUT IT'LL DO YOU LOVELY, LOVELY PEOPLE.


Yes. I've started watching Supernatural. Yes. Fanart coming soon. c:

*Keeping in mind about 36 or so of these 'watchers' are actually :iconpastelgomi:'s previous accounts...
Stolen from :iconpastelgomi: and :iconnight-owl101: and that damn long list of deviants before them.

1. What's your name -- your actual name.  First will do.  Do you like it?  Do you dislike it?  If so, what do you prefer to be called?

Emily - can either mean 'productive' or 'rival'. I hope the productive one is right! It's a nice name, and I'm glad I'm not called Jessica or Caitlin, because those are WAYYY overused. I still don't have a Disney Princess with that name, but I'm working on it.

2. How tall are you?  What kind of body type would you say you have?  Do you have any problems with your body?

164cm/5'4''. Apparently that's the same height as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, but it's still within the 'cutesy height' range. Barely anyone takes me seriously at first glance because of it, so I have to start conversations to get over it. I'm a little paranoid. My body type is apparently fantastic, I'm okay with it, I tend not to change weight drastically (but I'm only 17 so this will apparently change according to genetics), but there is a distinct lack of boobage going on. Hopefully that will change. I'm so flat ;_;

3. List 10 of your bad qualities -- whether you've been informed of them or whether you just think them to be true.  In this list, include any medical conditions you have, or if you're ill at the moment.

- I strive to make sure people like me. This sounds like everyone does it, and I know that's true, but I trick and cheat and test my way through people to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that they do. Remember that paranoia? Making someone like you is different to making sure they do, which gets irritating and can push people away. Don't do it.
- I'm afraid of being shallow, and am certain that I am. I try to be as interesting as possible always.
- I will always compare myself with the hero of a story. ALWAYS. IT'S STUPID.
- I'm childish.
- I'm naturally lazy, but push myself not to be, so a lot of the things I do are half-arsed, which can definitely explain the lack of submissions into deviantart! Sorry peeps!
- I'm impetuous/rash, acting on impulse and doing stupid things. I have gotten pretty good at saying sorry!
- I want to learn lots of physical defense techniques as well as attack, like archery, free running and fencing, but what the hell for? According to life, I'm getting prepared for basically nothing, unless I want to be an action movie star or a stunt double, both of which is unlikely.
- I get obsessed with things that make me seem smart, to project an image and let people forget how lazy, immature and introverted I am.
- I instantly blush when a conversation starts between me and a guy, unless I've known them for yonks. It's RIDICULOUS JESUS CHRIST I HATE IT.
- All I want to do is laze around, play video games and read forever, and even though I can't afford to or I need to be social (like at a party), I will still sit down in a quiet place, pull out a book and start reading. Did I say I was an introvert?
- I analyse things too deeply
- I compliment people only when they take me surprise, or when I'm trying to manipulate them.
- Oh, and I manipulate people. But not too many, don't worry, peeps. I have a silver tongue that I need to stop using so much, and seeing as I analyse people so much, I know how to sway them. I NEED TO STOP THIS. //shot for being Loki
- I categorise people
- I am ridiculously good at becoming a hermit when given the chance
- I'm Batman
- I'm addicted to technology
- I'm so goddamn gullible, and I convince myself of things so easily it's horrible
- I've suffered sunstroke twice, and heat really, really affects me - THE SUN IS MY MORTAL ENEMY
- I appear weak to attract attention, and then faking pain becomes habit, and then people are convinced I'm weak and I don't do anything to change this
- I'm paranoid
- I'm a bit pathetic
- I don't want the centre of attention until I'm almost in it, then I'll push people out of the way to get there
- I turn conversations to me quite a lot
- I analyse myself too much. I'll stop now. :/
- One more: I tailor conversations to different people, so I have a bunch of different faces, and I tell half-truths to people. There are about 5 people out there to whom I tell the whole truth, and will get genuine compliments from me because I think they deserve it. Specifically one WHO NEEDS MORE CONFIDENCE GEEZ. You know who you are. And if you're not sure who you are, you're probably the only person who knows about my second face, because you saw it change and your face when you saw it was priceless xD

4. List 10 of your good qualities -- whether you've been informed of them or whether you just think them to be true.  

- I'm fit (healthy and beYOOtiful. *flicks hair*)  :iconfabulousplz:
- I'm a good listener
- I know what to say (in certain situations, not all)
- I know what to do to get things done (First Aid and acting on impulse, yo), and I'm trying to be a good leader
- I've got good wit
- My amazing puns make people cry tears of happiness (PFFT NOPE TEARS OF ANGUISH AND SUFFERING)
- I can draw, which is good for getting a message across, because I can't do smoke signals for shit
- I'm a Nerdfighter, which is never a bad thing
- I can do a bunch of accents, and am currently learning 4 languages, and have high hopes to travel to Italy and live there for a year or two some time in the near future
- I'm pretty darn confident and like to think that I instill confidence in the people around me

5. What was one thing someone said to you today that stood out to you -- in either a negative or positive way?  

"Okay Mum fine."

Nothing today, but that sure did stand out. *trembles*

I prefer to remember people's reactions to things I've said to them, like a friend's thank you when I told her I could be myself around her. It's so nice that she still remembers. :')

6. What was one thing someone said to you that really hurt your feelings?

Someone once told me I was pathetic and to stop trying to be the hero. And then I got them to stop bullying me and that was the end of that.

7. What do people generally think of you when you first meet - in real life?

They usually think I'm awesome. *confident pose*

8. What do people generally think of you when you meet online?

Probably pretty bitchy, actually. ^^;

9. How would you describe the way you dress?

Shirts and jeans, plain colours or shirts I really like.

10. What's one thing you have sworn to never be?

The villain in anyone's story.

11. What is one goal that you've steadily been working on?

Getting stronger.

12. Last question: Do you like you?

Yeah, I'm cool, but I /definitely/ have my low points. I just have to solve them and I'll be fine. (:


My commissions are still open, for 1-2 points depending on whether you want it coloured or not. If you would like some literature, be it poem, prose, fanfiction or otherwise, I'll only charge you 2 points for that as well.

Keep in mind that I am in my last term of high school, with 14 weeks to go until my WACE exams, but I need the practice to build up skill for next year! Uni! WOOH FINE ARTS/PHOTOGRAPHY AND ILLUSTRATION

So please challenge me with the commissions. My weak points at the moment seem to be animals (I can't draw any of them from memory and that's why I'm out of inspiration), bodily proportions (especially male legs OMFG) and kissing scenes (whatmouthswhatintimacywhat).

My drawing time has drastically reduced itself all year and I picked up a pencil this morning to find in utter horror that all I could draw was budgies, sketches of Slenderman (my current scholol project) and spiders, and only the spiders turned out looking like spiders. My proportions have gone to the dogs, my imagination is spent on finding new ways to write essays and my artistic talents have dribbled away, leaving me to make chicken scratches on paper with a HB pencil. I have no idea what I'm doing. SOS! Help me! Quick!

I'm also interested in drawing lions at the moment, I want to learn to draw those pictures with all the ribbons and steampunk and patterns and oh gosh, Hellobaby is my goal right now. Gosh. Wow.

Need a sketch done? I'M YO MAN. :iconfoshizzleplz:


Stolen from :iconpastelgomi:

[x] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend  
[x] You have your own room.
[x] You own a cell phone.
[x] You have an ipod/ mp3 player.
[x] Your parents are still married together.
[x] You have more than 2 best friends.
[ ] There is a swimming pool in your backyard
Total so far: 6

[x] You dress how you want to.
[x] You hang out with friends more than once a week.
[x] There is a computer/ laptop in your room.
[x] You have never been beaten up.
[x] You never cry more than twice a month.
[x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[x] Your room is big enough for you.
[ ] People don't use you for something you have.
[x] You have been to a concert.
Total so far: 8

[x] You have over 50 friends on Facebook.
[x] Your parents let you have a Facebook.
[x] You get an allowance. ($2 WOOH I'M LOADED NOT)
[x] You collect something normal  (Dust bunnies)
[x] You look forward to going to school.
[x] You don't wish you were someone else.
[ ] You play a sport
[x] You do something after school.
Total so far: 7

[ ] You own a car.
[x] You usually don't fight with your parents.
[x] You are happy with your appearance.
[ ] You aren't self-conscious at all.
[ ] You have never got a failing grade in your life.
[x] You have friends.
Total so far: 3

[ ] You know what is going on in the world.
[x ] You care about so many people.
[x] You are happy with your life. (<-- Wasn't this the whole point of the quiz?)
[x] You know more than one language.
[x] You have a screen name.
[x] You own a pet.
[x] You know the words to 5 songs
[ ]You don't have any enemies
[x] You are a generally nice person
Total: 7

Now multiply it by 3...

93% of the way to SUCCESS YEAHHHH

[ ] You carry a mirror everywhere.
[ ] You carry beauty supplies everywhere.
[ ] You put others down.
[ ] You flaunt or brag about yourself.
[ ] The only topic that intrests you is you.
[ ] You don't listen to other's problems.
[ ] You wear booty shorts.
[ ] You wear makeup.
[x] You enjoy attention.
[ ] You like to do things YOUR way and YOUR way only.


[ ] You feel negative about your body image.
[x] You don't have a lot of money.
[ ] You don't have good grades.
[x] You're insecure.
[ ] Your living conditions aren't the best.
[ ] You cry a lot.
[ ] You are bullied.
[ ] You've never been in a real relationship or have been in a bad one.
[ ] You don't attract all the girls/boys.
[ ] You think everyone else has better things.


[x] You eat a lot
[ ] You always get more than what you need.
[ ] You always have snacks around your house.
[ ] You drink a lot of alcohol.  
[ ] You always have a granola bar or something in your purse.
[ ] You hide food.
[ ] You binge-eat.
[ ] You are normally warm.
[x] You can crack a lot of your bones.
[x] You often say, "I'm starving..."


[ ] You are very sexually active.
[ ] You have had three or more girlfriends/boyfriends
[ ] You wear matching underwear.
[ ] You wear a lot of makeup.
[ ] You have fetishes.
[ ] You have looked up porn.
[ ] You are a fan of Yaoi/Yuri.
[ ] You are not a virgin.
[ ] You have '"fantasized".


[ ] You never had a real relationship.
[ ] You go to anger management classes/used to.
[ ] You have to take special pills.
[ ] You are aggressive.
[x] You hate someone.
[ ] You have hurt someone.
[ ] You back-talk people.
[ ] You have gotten detention before.
[ ] You get into fights - verbal or physical.
[ ] You are strong.

[ ] You are wealthy.
[ ] You often buy things.
[x] You WANT instead of NEED.
[x] You have expensive things. (But everyone does nowadays, it depends how they got it)
[ ] You put yourself before others.
[ ] You can tend to be a little rude.
[ ] You don't try to save money.
[ ] You own more than two cars.
[ ] You own more than two credit cards.
[ ] You always have to look the best.


[x] You don't do gym in school/don't try in gym.
[ ] You don't have the best grades.
[x] You procrastinate.
[ ] You go to bed at ten p.m. and sleep until 12 a.m.
[ ] You often take naps.
[ ] You fall asleep in classes.
[x] You've often been called lazy.
[ ] You don't participate on class
[ ] You do the minimum amount of work.
[xxxxxxx] You seldom go to church.  (Anglican bordering on aetheist)
Total: 4
Poke high school meme, not even tagged, I just thought it would be fun.

this one is for your pokemon oc, but we're trying something new ;D take away all the pokemon and put your oc in high school .

tell me more about your oc and how they would be in a world without pokemon!

           1. clubs: Gardening Club, Writer's Club, Artist's Club, Comics Club, Superhero Club, Sleeping Club
           2. favourite subject: Art, Literature
           3. sports: Tennis, Swimming, La Crosse, Running Away from Lovingly Abusive Friends
           4. friends: Shannan, Hanna
           5. siblings: None
           6. goals: To get into Uni, to be an independent adult
           7. possible career: Comic Artist or Book Illustrator
           8. school status: The One That Seems To Know Everyone Else
           9. social life: Partying, drawing, sleeping, eating. Repeat.       
         10. some information on parents?: Prefers to stay away from them, as she doesn't like there influential, manipulative nature nand wants to do what she wants.
         11. what type of student is your oc?: Straight B's, the occasional A. The type that says hi to the teachers whenever she sees them.
         12. what types of food does your oc like?: All of it. Except tomatoes, avocadoes, capsicums and mushrooms. And raw onion. And poppadums. And spicy stuff.
         13. what type of snacks?: Mint Slice biscuits, Poppets, chocolate, Monte Carlos.         
         14. also how tall is your oc around 15-17?: 164 cm
         15. a picture of your oc in a schoool uniform: HAHAHAHLOLNOPE Maybe later, with the other picture.
For those who have heard me talk about Q and wondered "Gee, where did THAT idea go?" Stolen from :devnyakaoru:

General information

        1.   name: Equuy 'Q' ...?
        2.   age: 16  
        3.   region: ...?
        4.   hometown: Lavender City
        5.   main pokemon: Piplup
        6.   other 5 - Sandshrew

- Squirtle




        7.   favorite color: Purple
        8.   favorite food: Pork Dumplings OMANOMANOMANOM
   9.   main points of your pokemon adventure: Looking for Oen
        10. closest friends: Oen, Shann, Hanna
        11. rival: Just Rocketers in general. They're alays suspect. I'll eventually make an OC for this.
        12. future goals: To find out what happened to Oen and that he's alive. She wouldn't mind getting a kiss from him, though, but she won't admit it.
        13. general personality: Defiant, witty, impetuous, adventurous, feminist
        14. general skills: Talking, making friends (trainers and Pokemon) and first aid skills. Because she's a nurse.
        15. general appearance: White dress, black coat, purple scarf, albino, but she wears brown contacts and says she is part human, part sorbelene E to make up for her pale appearance.         

how do you act?

        1.   under stress: Same as when she's not under stress, only makes more mistakes and gets blinding headaches afterwards. Aviods stress at all costs.
        2.   around the opposite gender: Defiantly nonchalant, but tends to blush as soon as there is any form of intimacy being mentioned or acted upon.
        3.   around crush: Protective, cuddly, falls aslep on him a lot.
        4.   around family: Couldn't eb bothered making one, but maybe one day she'll go see them and be like: OH MY GOD I HAVE FAMILY YAY but for now, she's a lone, lonely loner.
        5.   around friends: Cuddly, witty, adventurous, impetuous, complains about headaches and work.
        6.   around rival: COME AT ME BRO
        7.   when challenged to a pokemon battle: "Will you give me back Oen if I do? No? Then you're wasting my time." *walks away unless forced to fight*
        8.   when hyper: Really quick, very talkative, at her wittiest, notices a lot about things around her.
        9.   when sad: Goes suspiciously quiet or walks away from what's bothering her.
        10. when happy: goes hyper.
        11. when sober: is happy.
        12. when drunk: Dear lord. Sociable, then flirty, then slutty, then fatally drunk.
        13. when drunk around crush: Poor, poor Oen. Actually, he'd be the one coercing her into drinking.
        14. at group events: Centre of attention, or adding to the conversation in a lively way.
        15. when dancing: Copies others, will usually give up and walk away. But when waltzing, she'll fly. :'D
[] You watch anime.
[x] You read manga.
[] You buy/collect anime DVDs or manga volumes.
[] You own some other form of anime/manga merchandise.
[x] You have referred to an anime character as 'hot' before.
[] You have cosplayed.
[] You have done so in public.
[] You have been to an anime/manga convention.
[ ] You have created/joined a fanclub for an anime/manga character.
[ ] You have created/joined a hateclub for an anime/manga character.
[ ] You have squealed when you found out somebody had the same name as an anime character you knew.
[ ] You enjoy drawing anime.
[ ] People you know know you as the 'anime' person.
[x] You know that it is pronounced 'mawnguh' and not 'manga' like it is spelled. (But it's not like I say it like that.)

Anime Nerd Points: 2

[x] You like art.
[x] You actually consider yourself an artist.
[x] When using art supplies, the brand of them matters to you.
[x] You have a favorite brand.
[x] You have asked for art supplies as a Christmas/birthday gift before.
[x] You give people your drawings as gifts.
[x] People actually ask for your drawings.
[x] You are known as 'the art person' at your school.
[x] Instead of just 'brown' or ' pink', you'd be specific; it's 'sienna brown' or 'blush pink'. (Just to piss people off)
[x] You have taken an art class outside of school.
[x] You have considered a career as an artist.
[x] Your school papers are always covered in doodles.
[x] You have a favorite artist.
[x] Your drawings have been framed.
[x] You carry a sketchbook with you everywhere you go.

Art Nerd Points: 15 OK NOW IT'S A BIT OBVIOUS

[x] You play a musical instrument.
[x] You play more than one instrument.
[x] You actually really enjoy playing your instrument.
[x] You've given your instrument a name.
[x] You've participated in an extracurricular activity for your instrument.
[x] You are known by what you play. (Trumpet Girl)
[x] You listen to classical music.
[x] You are wondering whether that refers to the classical music genre or the classical music time period.
[x] You have a favorite composer.
[x] All of your friends are from your band/orchestra class.
[x] You write music.
[x] You've had discussions with your friends about music; your favorite composers/instruments/musical time periods/key/etc...
[x] You have considered a professional career with your instrument.
[] You are never nervous playing for other people.

Musical Nerd Points: 13 So damn close...

[x] You play video games.
[] You own more than 4 different video game systems.
[] You've had debates over which system is the greatest.
[] You play video games every day.
[] You have played a video game for over 10 hours.
[] You have songs from your favorite video games on your MP3.
[x] You love to talk about video games.
[x You memorize the dates for when a new game is being released.
[] People know you as the 'gamer' person.
[] You spend more time on video games than you do hanging out with friends.
[] Your gaming system is in your room.
[] You have preferences when it comes to what company your game came from.
[] You've had debates over which company is the best.
[] You keep playing a game until you beat it.
[] It makes you angry when you found out somebody looked up cheat codes on the internet to beat their game.

Video Game Nerd Points: 3

[x] You use the computer every day.
[x] You have an account/username on some sort of social website.
[ ] You go into random internet chatrooms.
[] You spend at least 2 hours a day on the computer.
[] You use computer faces; : D xD xP D: ^_^ >.> and etc.
[] It is hard to go a day without using the computer.
[] You spend time in online forums.
[ ] In the forum/chatroom you use, you are known there by everyone else.
[x] You have friends you have only met online.
[ ] You have/had a girlfriend/boyfriend you have only met online. (That's pathetic.)
[ ] You have actually met an online friend in person.
[ ] U cn ezly rd 'txttlk.' (That took me a whole minute.)
[x] You have said 'lol' or 'omg' in speech that is not online.
[x] You can type really, really fast.

Computer Nerd Points: 5

Anime Nerd: 2
Art Nerd: 15
Musical Nerd: 13
Video Game Nerd: 3
Computer Nerd: 5

I think there is a markedly obvious difference between my scores, don't you?
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  • Reading: Gart Nix, Mary Shelley, Jane Austen
  • Playing: Minecraft

[ ] They are possessed by an angel
[ ] They are possessed by a demon
[ ] They are a werewolf/vampire/faerie
[ ] They are physically strong
[ ] They have a rare hair/fur color
[ ] Their eyes are an unusual color
[ ] This happens to be red
[ ] Their eyes change color
[ ] They have wings
[ ] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift
[x] They are immortal (Actually, she's dead. Surprise!)
[ ] (if a female) they have large bra size
[ ] (if a male) they are very muscular
[x] They are very attractive to the opposite gender
[ ] They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/etc
[ ] They have sixth sense/can mind-read/etc
[ ] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers
[ ] They have a special ability/power, but they don't know about it yet
[x] They were bestowed/cursed with these powers (That bastardly, dastardly Gypsy and Joker.)
[ ] They are a healer
[ ] They are from a very rich/royal family
[ ] They don't know that they are from a very rich/royal background
[ ] They have lost one/both of their parents
[ ] They ran away from home
[ ] Their (adoptive) parents are cruel, uncaring, abusive etc.
[ ] They witnessed one/both of their parent's death
[ ] They are part angel/demon/faerie/some other mythical creature
[ ] They never knew their parents
[ ] They were abused/spoiled as a child
[x] They are very attractive to the same gender (For shits and giggles mainly, but I'm sure something can be arranged. BETWEEN HER AND THE WHITE KNIGHT LOL)
[x] They have lots of friends/no friends (Is a friend-whore)
[ ] They are emo/cutesy
[ ] They look much younger/older than they really are.
[x] They are currently in a relationship.
[ ] They have lots if morals and state them a fair bit for example: 'I would rather be with my friends than with my boyfriend/girlfriend' 'Nothing matters more to me than my friends/family' 'I wouldn't hesitate to die in place of a friend' etc. It's fine if your OC has these beliefs/values, but if they constantly say them out loud/preach them to others, then we have a problem.
[ ] They have a mental disorder
[ ] They have an emotional disorder
[ ] They struggle to stay sane
[ ] They are a psycho
[ ] They have multiple personalities
[x] They are very intelligent
[ ] They have hallucinations
[ ] They can summon spirits/demons/angels etc.
[ ] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet.
[ ] They have a guardian spirit
[ ] They have a 'special type' of soul
[ ] Their soul is not the same as them
[ ] They can talk to spirits/ghosts
[ ] Some part of their body glows
[ ] They have a rare/unusual name
[ ] They were born on an important date, such as New Year's Eve, Midsummer's Night, The Winter Solstice etc.
[ ] They have a twin/sibling that they were separated from at birth
[ ] They are connected with a certain element
[ ] They are connected with a certain animal
[ ] They always dress like a certain 'label'
[ ] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga
[x] They are a race/species that is discriminated against/misunderstood  (Most superheroes/mutants whinge about this, so why not her?)
[ ] They have a certain power that is misunderstood/feared
[ ] They live/lived on the streets at some point in their lives
[ ] They are hiding from someone/something
[ ] They have a rare blood type
[ ] They cry blood
[ ] Certain noises/smells/situations/etc make their powers activate/give them a nervous breakdown
[ ] They are from a different country to where they live
[ ] They are very mysterious/dark
[x] They are very lively/happy
[ ] Their mood changes a lot/very quickly
[ ] They are very patient
[ ] They are from a long line of (?)
[x] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear (SUPAHSUUUUUIT)
[ ] They have amnesia
[ ] They have some sort of permanent medical condition
[ ] They have a curse upon them
[ ] They are involved in some sort of prophecy
[ ] They are 'the chosen one'
[ ] They have insomnia

Overall points:

Point Reductions
Take points off your OC overall score if they fit any of the following statements:

[ ] They smoke
[ ] They are an alcoholic
[ ] They are overweight
[ ] They are addicted to drugs
[x] They have a short temper  (It depends who she's fighting with)
[ ] They enjoy bullying others
[ ] They do not care much about others
[ ] They are emotionless

Final Score is:

<5 -Anti-Sue
Your character may be a bit on the boring side. Of course, this does depend, but generally if they are scoring that low, it wouldn't hurt to 'spice them up' a bit ^^

6-15 -Balanced Character
If your OC scored around here, then they are probably quite a well-balanced and interesting character. Those scoring in the higher end of this category may be a bit too much though.

16-25 -Borderline Mary-Sue
We have a problem. You need to tone your character down. They are most likely a bit annoying to others, too.

26< -Mary-Sue
Oh dear. Do I really need to comment on this?

Balanced is good. I like balanced. I was a bit worried she'd be too Mary-Sue but it all worked out in the end. 8D
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You will love it.…

  • Listening to: Pomplamoose
  • Reading: Gart Nix, Mary Shelley, Jane Austen
  • Playing: Minecraft
Yep. I've been thinking about this for a while, but when :iconepickakashi: finally did it for her pokemon OC, I thought I'd make the move, jump on the bandwagon, be a cool kid and all that jazz. So, heeeeere it is! Ask the Ghost anything, guys!

JUSTICE. That is all.
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  • Reading: Gart Nix, Mary Shelley, Jane Austen
  • Playing: Minecraft
... and not for sale. Also, an apology for the sudden deviation spam. I needed to get it all out there and there was a helluva lot to get out!

Stolen from :iconepickakashi:

Hair Color
[x] Brown - $100
[ ] Blondie - $50
[ ] Black - $15
[ ] Bald - $5
[ ] Other-$75

Eye Color:
[x] Brown - $20
[ ] Green - $75
[ ] Blue $150
[ ] Hazel $100
[ ] Other - $15

[ ] Over 7' - $200
[ ] 6'8? to 7' -$175
[ ] 6'0? to 6'7? - $150
[ ] 5'5? to 5'11? - $75
[ ] 5'4? to 5'10? - $85
[x] Under 5'4 - $27

[ ] 50 to 56 -$175
[ ] 46 to 50 - $150
[ ] 41 to 45 - $125
[ ] 31 to 40 -$100
[ ] 26 to 30 - $75
[ ] 21 to 25 - $50
[ ] 19 to 20 -$25
[x] 0 to 18 - $100

Birth Order:
[ ] Twins or more than twins - $750
[x] First Born - $320
[ ] Only Child - $250
[ ] Second born - $150
[x] Middle child - $100 (DUDE YES I'm both.)
[ ] Last Born - $100
[ ] third born - $550
[ ] fourth born - $300
[ ] fifth born - $400
[ ] sixth born -$215

[ ] I did like twice - $400
[ ] Only Holidays - $250
[ ] Sometimes - $215
[ ] YES - $200
[ ] only weekends - $300
[ ] Every other day - $50
[ ] Once a day - $15
[ ] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$
[x] No - $600

[x] perfect vision $400
[ ] need or have glasses/contacts but don't wear them $200
[ ]No correction $100
[ ] Glasses $50
[ ] contacts $25
[ ] Surgical correction -$100

Shoe Size:
[ ] 13+ - $300
[ ] 12 and a half to 13 - $250
[ ] 11 to 12 - $400
[ ] 7 to 10 - $500

Favorite Colors:
[ ] Green-$750
[ ] Red - $600
[ ] Black - $100
[x] Yellow -$475
[ ] Brown - $300
[x] Purple - $225
[x] White - $400
[ ] Aqua - $350
[x] Orange - $300
[ ] Blue - $300
[ ] Pink - $100
[ ] Other - $500

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[ ] Yes $0
[x] Nope - $1000
[ ] some- $750

And if any of you steal me, I'm flipping... pankcakes! Going to get angry! Rargh!